Sell online

Your eCommerce adviser

  • For your online sales to be successful, several factors need to be managed. With YourShop, an eCommerce adviser helps you get the best out of your shop.
  • We help you to organise your shop from its creation to its operation, with the aim of optimising your sales. We also advise you on the use of other media including social networking sites, email and Google.

Your products

  • YourShop accepts all type of products including software to download and licences.
  • Connect with your ERP (management software) to handle a large amount of products.
  • Click here if you want to rent out your products.

Your data

  • The YourShop price includes hosting, the integration of the most up to date eCommerce technologies and security updates, as well as the daily saving of your data.
  • Our servers are in a suburb of the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Marketing and SEO

  • YourShop stores are optimised for all the different screen sizes on mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  • Did you know that search engines penalise slow sites? YourShop designs your online shop to be ultra-fast, giving you an extra chance to position your site even more effectively.

Payment Services

  • YourShop is connected to PostFinance, Saferpay, Ingenico, mPAY24, Datatrans and PayPal, all of which are secure payment methods.
  • Indicate the organisation with which you would like to work and we will put you in touch so that you can set up your contract with them.

Run your shop

  • View your sales by client, day, month, year or other criteria, in the BackOffice of YourShop.
  • YourShop uses Google analytics and allows you, with adwords, to monitor your conversions.

Your graphic identity

  • YourShop showcases your products.
  • On request, we can adapt your graphic identity to your online shop.